#GoraGang - Test KiX Today!

About KiX

KiX is a Football DEX Trading Exchange, where traders can buy and sell Footballer tokens and earn winnings based on their real-life on-pitch performance. KiX is Alpha Testing on Polygon Testnet NOW.

The Rewards
Testers who successfully complete the test over a 5 day period will receive:

  • 10,000 Points
  • 20,000 $GORA split among participants

Test Duration
You need to complete 5 days of testing.

Let's Get Started

1. Complete our Forms here, so we can allocate your rewards


2. Follow KiX Socials

3. Complete the KiX Test Scripts to Gain your Rewards


You will need a Metamask Wallet for this test. Once you have a Metamask Wallet you need to: 

  • Add Mumbai Polygon Testnet as a network to Metamask - https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us/articles/360015489531
  • Go to https://mumbaifaucet.com/  enter your Metamask address to add free Matic to pay the gas fees. 
  • Once this is done follow the link at the bottom of this page and go to the KiX App, connect your Metamask Wallet click to load FreeKiX tokens to your Metamask
  • Once you have a KiX balance buy between 10 – 20 Footballers, use up most or all of your FreeKix balance. You will see these Footballers added to your Portfolio page (it may take a few seconds to add).
Great you have finished Day 1!


DAY 2 - DAY 5
  • Go to your Portfolio page. You will see that the price of your footballers will have changed (based on trader Buys & Sells). You will also see that some of your footballers may have earned Winnings also! 
  • Winnings are determined by the performance score earned by Footballers in matches they played the previous day, and the results can be seen in the previous day’s Game Groups page. 
  • You can see which footballers are playing on Day 2 – Day 5 by looking at the highlighted current Game Groups page.
  • To earn Winnings you need to hold players that are playing on that day, and you have to buy them before 14:00 hrs UTC. and hold them until 00.00hrs on that day. If you have missed the cut-off check who is playing the following day and buy them instead.  
  • Please trade every day as much as possible  to maximise your Winnings and see how many FreeKiX you can earn! 

Trading Notes: When buying on Metamask click ‘max’ for customer spending cap. On ‘Sell’ Ignore Metamask Warning Screen that says your NFTs may be at risk – they are NOT!

For more information: https://kix-2.gitbook.io/kix-alpha-testing/testing-scripts-and-objectives/metamask-nft-warnings

Once you understand the platform, and before the end of your test period, do 2 of 4 listed below

  • Like and Comment on at least 5 KiX Tweets
  • Like and Comment on at least 5 KiX Instagram posts 
  • Make at least 5 Comments in the KiX Telegram group
  • Make at least 5 Comments in the KiX Discord channel

Here are some ideas that you can post as your comments.

  • How are you finding KiX to play?
  • Which football stars would you want on the Exchange that aren’t there yet?
  • What are your predictions for tonight’s matches!?
  • Which football star are you looking forward to seeing how they perform today?
  • What do you think about yesterday’s Player Podium Placements?
  • Who will score goals today?
  • Which player do you think has had the best results on the exchange so far?
  • What skills do you think makes the best performing players in KiX? 
  • What player do you wish you’d bought but didn’t?
  • Who’s been your favorite football player?

OK, Let’s get started!

Remember as listed above: 
  • Join our Socials 
  • Connect Metamask to Mumbai Network 
  • Load up Matic


Now Let’s Go! test.kix.digital

Note: By joining this portal you agree to the KiX Alpha Test Terms and Conditions, found here.

Find Out More

Check out our Gitbook, for full instructions on testing and more information about KiX:
KiX Alpha Testing Guide